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Work performed by water industry professionals, on a daily basis, to distribute clean water to every resident and safely collect and treat sewer to keep our environment clean, is something to be appreciated by all. According to ASCE’s 2017 Infrastructure Report Card (, both Drinking Water and Wastewater infrastructure failed to get past a “D” rating for the fifth time this century. Today, our industry’s work needs dedication and recognition more than ever.

Rizwan Hamid, PE

Rizwan Hamid selected to serve on WEF Collection Systems Committee

Ryan Jones
Marshall Kosaka

Aqualyze Insights


Tempus Time Series Data Management and Viewing Interface
Tempus is designed for users of time series data from continuous long-term hydraulic/hydrologic modeling utilizing data sets including, but not limited to, flow, depth, velocity, rainfall, temperature, evaporation, tide, pressure, pumping rates, and pump run times.

Tempus includes a lightning fast graphing engine to view all data from a central interface, and eliminates management of hundreds of Excel workbooks. Simply import your data and immediately start working. Highlights of some features include:

  • Use pre-programmed logic to generate data summaries and statistics
  • Perform data transformations (minutes to hours to days)
  • Automatically superimpose data series of same types
  • Interactive zoom and extents preview
  • Change the look and feel as preferred

Learn more about Tempus or download your free trial.


Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) selected Aqualyze to lead its Wastewater Systems Analysis (WWSA) project. Mr. Rizwan Hamid, PE, assisted by Mr. Andrew Henson, PE, will lead Aqualyze and its four sub-consultants to successfully complete this system wide project. WWSA is critical component of SPU’s long-term integrated planning vision and efforts. Key components of this project will include H/H model updates, calibration, performance targets development, system wide capacity analysis under existing and future planning scenarios.


We are proud to introduce our new hires, Ryan Jones and Marshall Kosaka. Ryan brings 3 years of engineering experience in civil and environmental engineering with a strong background in hydrology and hydraulics, spatial analysis and mapping, and engineering design. Ryan holds a MS degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. Marshall has 3 years of engineering experience in civil and structural engineering, and a strong background in hydrology, water resources and green stormwater infrastructure. Marshall holds a BS degree in Civil Engineering from Seattle University.