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What Customers Are Saying

"I rely on QP Manager to quickly analyze sewer flow and rainfall data through their powerful graphing engine and analysis tables. QP Manager is easy to use and their cost and yearly maintenance fees are also quite reasonable compared to competitors.  Their friendly product support team is always available to answer questions and they are very knowledgeable about the underlying hydraulics and hydrology."

Robert Major
Infrastructure Planning Engineer
The Regional Municipality of York

QP Manager

QP Manager is the first comprehensive sanitary flow and rainfall analysis and data management software made available as an end-user product. This software provides the user full control over either managing an on-going flow monitoring project or analyzing data from an already completed project.

QP Manager Screenshot

Feature List

  • Manage data in Metric or U.S. unit schemes and mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy date formats
  • Import sewer rainfall, flow, depth, and velocity data from csv (text) files using a simple and easy to use import wizard
  • Automatically generate system schematic and manage flow meters and rain gauges on separate layers
  • Calculate weighted average rainfall based on rain gauge percent influence (from Thiessen Polygons)
  • Calculate flow from measured depth data
  • Generate interactive scattergraphs (depth vs flow and depth vs velocity)
  • Interactively plot flow, rainfall, depth, and velocity data using custom control bars
  • Generate average DWF Hydrographs of weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Whole Week
  • Automatically generate DWF Unit Hydrograph
  • Define Groundwater Infiltration as a function of DWF
  • Automatically generate storms from rainfall data
  • Visually edit storm definitions and update parameters
  • Analyze and quantify Infiltration/Inflow (I/I)
  • Generate Q vs. i plots
  • Globally define preferences for chart formatting
  • Interactively format charts
  • Generate comprehensive user-defined project reports in MS Excel and Word
  • An advanced charting component that allows charting of large amounts of data as well as the ability to superimpose time series data from multiple meters and rain gauges
  • Integration with Google Earth
  • Automatic generation of IDF (Intensity Duration Frequency) curves based on user defined IDF templates
  • scattergraphs with theoretical curves for Manning's Design, Lanfear-Coll and Stevens-Schutzbach methods
  • Display ISO-Q curves on scattergraphs to determine capacity limits

New Features in Vesion 2.8

  • Added support for additional units for basic measurements such as flow, rainfall, depth and velocity.
  • Added support for rain gage diagnostics and data cleanup.

New Features in Vesion 2.7

  • Compute flow, depth, velocity and rainfall transformation using simple arithmetic expressions in the “Graphical Review” (previously known as advanced charting) window. This feature allows you to compute flow addition & subtractions among various meter flow data.
  • Time Series statistics for the time period being viewed in the “Graphical Review”.
  • Ability to save a plotting profile with a time period for later retrieval.
  • Batch processing of DWF and I&I computations for all or a user defined selected set of flow meters.
  • Ability to specify a custom size for the diagram canvas.
  • Added a trend line to the Storm IDF curves chart in the I&I Analyzer.
  • User defined field precisions for all numeric fields in the application. The user defined precisions are applied both in the application screens as well as reports.
  • Sorting option for reports.
  • Added Average I&I Rate to the storm table and report.
  • All scatter plots are now available through a new screen called “Review Scattergraphs”.