Aqualyze Inc.

Engineering Services

Aqualyze Inc. provides engineering consulting in the following areas:

  • Analysis and design of sanitary, stormwater, combined sewer, and water distribution systems
  • System analysis using hydraulic/hydrologic modeling of pressure and gravity systems
  • Capital improvements plan (CIP) development including costing and mapping
  • Watershed and sewershed characterization based on analysis of flow and rainfall data
  • Future population projections
  • Onsite training on hydraulic/hydrologic modeling and planning

Software and GIS Consulting

Aqualyze Inc. provides software and GIS consulting in following areas:

  • Development of GIS Maps for utilities
  • Design and development of custom GIS tools as add-ins to ESRi's products or completely standalone systems
  • Migration/Consolidation of silo applications and data islands into enterprise applications and databases
  • Enhancement to existing applications to take advantage of new tools and technologies
  • Integration of enterprise data with GIS based systems
  • Design and development of custom asset management solutions
  • Web portals for engineering development and project management
  • Design and development of business intelligence and custom reporting solutions